Announcing the birth of a new baby to friends and family is a special moment, and a stork yard sign is a fun and cute way to do it. If you’re ready to order a stork sign, please call or text us at 209 617 1513. Below is a list of the different stork yard signs and additional signs we offer to help you celebrate the arrival of your new little one:

  • Birth announcement stork yard sign ( 7 days)
  • Sibling star sign
  • Message star sign
  • Pet yard signs (cat or dog)
  • Grandparent stork yard sign (7 days) Contact us for more information or to place an order for one of these signs.

When should you order?

As the arrival of a new baby is often unpredictable, we do not accept advance orders for birth announcement stork yard signs. However, you can reserve a stork in advance for other baby-themed events such as baby showers, post-birth gatherings, and gender reveal parties. As soon as the baby is born, give us a call so we can set up the stork yard sign before the mother and child return home. This is a fun and unique way to celebrate the arrival of the new little one and share the news with friends, family, and neighbors. Contact us to learn more about reserving a stork yard sign for your special occasion.

Our New Baby Stork Sign creates beautiful memories

Capturing the moment when a new baby comes home is a special and memorable occasion, and having a stork yard sign in the background of family photos is a unique and thoughtful way to remember it. In the years to come, looking back at these photos will provide a lovely reminder of this sweet time and how your family celebrated the arrival of your new little one. Kids often get a kick out of seeing these photos and knowing that their parents or loved ones marked the occasion with a 6-foot-tall stork yard sign. As the value of these photographs increases with time, consider using a stork sign as a backdrop for your family photos to add a special touch. Contact us to learn more or place an order.